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Our family Stormer Storm Gamesend Veritas
Our brother alliances USMC family of alliances S18 Group
Stormer Leadership is CJenn, Aimfirst, RonnielongFDA & Sham
Any of the alliances attacked in our brotherhood is an attack against us
If you want to become friendly it is expected IF ASKED that you go to war with us
Neutral means to us we will not attack but will also not defend you. We expect that if we go neutral this applies both ways.
Applications to join please contact CJenn, Aimfirst, or Sham in game
can be done on forums or contact CJenn or Aimfirst
If you are at war with our brotherhood we will not change status unless agreed
by all brotherhood members there is no exception to this ever


 Diplomacy requests SS1

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Diplomacy requests SS1 Empty
PostSubject: Diplomacy requests SS1   Diplomacy requests SS1 EmptySun Jan 10, 2010 7:51 am

If you wish to have a diplomatic relationship with us, whether that be blue, white or red... please post here.

For us, Friendly means will you will fight with us.

Neutral means NO attacks, no scouting, no valley taking and certainly no attacks on cities.

Red - we will hopefully kill you til you dead Smile

We are not accepting any friendly or neutral diplomatic status from alliances whose prestige ranks less than 100 at this stage, unless of course that alliance is aligned with a larger alliance. However, we will consider a hostile diplomatic status with smaller alliances if sought. Wink Please do not apply for friendly or neutral if your alliance is ranked less than 100 and is not aligned with a larger alliance.

Please post your requests here. A host will respond to your request within 48 hours. Please make sure you give us the details below.

Alliance -

Diplomacy Officer -

Resident State -

Original Server -

Main Friendlies/Allies -

Membership -

Current ranking -

Why you wish this diplo status with us -


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Diplomacy requests SS1 Empty
PostSubject: Diplomacy Dialogue Request   Diplomacy requests SS1 EmptyFri Jun 11, 2010 2:07 pm

Alliance: Elfsword and ElfShld

Diplomacy Officer: RichardIII

Resident State: Lombardy-New Abode

Original Server: 22

Main Friendlies-Allies: ElfShld our Sister and training Alliance, Friendly relations with Mordor, numeropus others, Neutral with OMEGA-Storm

Current Membership: 86 Determined Elves and 40+ young elves in training

Current Ranking: 24

Why we wish Neutral diplomatic status: We have been in brutal, bloody warfare with a number of alliances, won most-at a draw with others, and currently engaged with The Collective. We have vacated Burgundy and are reestablishing ourselves in a new place. Our current red status with you happened so long ago that none of us remember why. Neutral status will provide us with an opporunity to open a dialogue and find common ground.

We do not cheat-we do not bot-we respect our treaties-this neutrality will stabilize Lombardy where we all can focus our attention on more important issues and places.

I welcome dialogue on this topic.
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Diplomacy requests SS1
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