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Our family Stormer Storm Gamesend Veritas
Our brother alliances USMC family of alliances S18 Group
Stormer Leadership is CJenn, Aimfirst, RonnielongFDA & Sham
Any of the alliances attacked in our brotherhood is an attack against us
If you want to become friendly it is expected IF ASKED that you go to war with us
Neutral means to us we will not attack but will also not defend you. We expect that if we go neutral this applies both ways.
Applications to join please contact CJenn, Aimfirst, or Sham in game
can be done on forums or contact CJenn or Aimfirst
If you are at war with our brotherhood we will not change status unless agreed
by all brotherhood members there is no exception to this ever


 If you where recently banned from the game - read this

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If you where recently banned from the game - read this Empty
PostSubject: If you where recently banned from the game - read this   If you where recently banned from the game - read this EmptyFri Feb 26, 2010 2:24 am

Stormers, - here below a few insigths from the Evony Vice Development Manager (some of the answers are highly questionable in my optics - and certainly puts a certain bodypart on the line for myself and others)

I see a lot of questions about the people who had their game accounts banned or suspended today, so I'd like to make a few things clear:

1) Use of a bot, even once months ago, or even for "a little bit of farming" or just for "auto-heal", will get you banned.

2) Sharing your account information with another person so they can watch your account for you (when at work, while sleeping, etc.) will get you banned. We do not allow account-sharing. We do allow account-sitting, which is different and requires advance notice being given to Evony.

3) Using someone else's account information to watch over their account, unless done as account-sitting and with advance notice to Evony, will get you banned.

4) Having more than one account on a server will get you banned. I don't care if you got this one when your friend retired, or you only log onto the second one once in a while, or whatever. Have a second account that is AT ALL active? You'll get caught. This absolutely includes having a "home account" and a "work account." That would still be two accounts on one server for one person, right? It's cheating.

5) Having filed a dispute or chargeback on a payment. Your account will be suspended until you have repaid the money you owe us.

6) Having more than one account on a single computer/network/IP unless you follow these rules:
-We do allow family members and others to share a connection. However, you must notify Evony that you have multiple people on a network and state who they are and which server they play on.
-Players on the same network may not share resources. You cannot feed your wife's army. Sorry.
-Players on the same network may not join military forces. You can't attack the same target.
-Players on the same network are welcome to join the same alliance and chat with each other. They may be online at the same time, or share a computer. So long as the above rules are followed, you won't get suspended/banned for multi-accounting.

7) Persistent violation of our rules regarding harassment, inappropriate naming, or other inappropriate behaviour. If you are one of those people who is the master of finding how to say dirty words in chat and get around the filter, send death threats to enemies (real life ones...not "I'll take your city!" but "I'll find you and cut your throat!"), call people nasty names, name your alliance/hero/city in such a way as to insult others purposely, etc.....maybe you should stop wondering why you are suspended and reread our rules.

So since i have myself violated a few of the above rules - i guess this is probably goodbye Evony from Vald..

Be good and have fun

If you where recently banned from the game - read this 149-27
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If you where recently banned from the game - read this Empty
PostSubject: Re: If you where recently banned from the game - read this   If you where recently banned from the game - read this EmptySat Feb 27, 2010 8:03 pm

The suspensions are typically only 3-4 days, they rarely ever ban people first time round and I have even heard of people getting suspended 3 or 4 times.

Just remember as part of the "Evony experience" they want you to be bored out of your mind farming and building but make sure you join their forum and suck up to the mods to show how grateful you are.

The rule with regards to players sharing a connection always amuses me, do they want dates of birth and social security numbers also. That is completely unrealistic, you can play the game with your family members but you can actually play together, although we will allow you to chat....I'm just blown away by their generosity.

I'm sure they would like you to limit your family to only one child also!

(P.S. I am not and have not been suspended, however although I enjoy the game it does seem to be run/ managed by morons)
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If you where recently banned from the game - read this
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